The Water Leaks That May Be Costing You

Surprisingly, there are millions of American homes that have water leaks in their homes that can become a very big issue for them. For many people, water leaks can end up costing hundreds and even thousands of dollars every single month and even be undiscovered for many months until discovered. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, studies reveal that there are averages of approximately 180 gallons of clean water wasted on a weekly basis by the average American family. This number may also be comparable to about 300 loads of laundry. Surprisingly, water leaks have been known to contribute to more than 900 billion gallons of clean water. What is shocking to many experts is that a majority of the households that experience water leaks are dealing with water leaks that are extremely common and basic. For example, some of the common household water leaks that are occurring in many American households involve the faucet leaks, under the sink leaks, shower leaks, garbage disposal leak, and most commonly the toilet leak. It is critical for you to regularly conduct home inspections of your water leaks in order to catch these leaks early to perform necessary repairs. If you are a homeowner who is constantly looking for ways to reduce your home expenses then cutting your water usage and water leaks may be one of the most effective ways to do this.

There are also many other things that could be causing you to experience an increase in your water bill monthly. For example, according to Take Part, studies show that there are about 20 percent of the average water uses in American homes that come from toilets. There are also many homes in America that tend to have bad toilet valves and or parts in the toilet that tend to go bad that may end up causing many homes to develop bad leaks. Having a bad toilet can end up costing you hundreds and thousands of dollars that you don’t even have. It is also recommended that homeowners perform regular leak inspections around the home in order to detect any possible leak that could be costing you money. One of the things that you can also do is to try to listen for any sound of running water in your home. Surprisingly, toilet tanks that continue to keep refilling the tank due to a leak and end up costing you a significant water bill jump of more than 50% every month.

You can easily rely on a professional to come over to your home to check for any water leaks that you may possibly miss during a routine inspection. You might also want to keep in mind that it can be very difficult to miss a phantom water leak in your toilet tank. Therefore, it is critical to rely on the eyes and experience of a professional plumber. You can start your search online by looking for any: plumbing daphne al.

Locating your nearest professional plumber can assist you in helping you stop the water leaks in your home. Not only can you stop water leaks in your home, but you may also save money. Saving money can easily be done by simply getting a professional to detect water leaks that could be causing you to waste money.