3 Mattress Styles That Are Incredibly Popular

Choosing a new mattress is a very personal thing and is often complicated by the fact that dozens of exceptional manufacturers offer hundreds of quality products. Shoppers often choose based on a product’s comfort, style, affordability, or even its eco-friendly characteristics. Despite the huge range of choices, there are a few mattresses that consistently provide these features and remain popular. Favorites include memory foam and innerspring hybrid mattresses as well as classic waterbeds.

Memory Foam Is a Top Seller

Millions of mattress buyers who once swore by innerspring mattresses are now switching to those made with memory foam. Online research shows that memory foam products consistently receive high ratings from 80% or more of users. The explanation for this level of customer satisfaction is generally the fact that manufacturers offer high-quality products at reasonable prices. Although memory foam products vary, options like the Amerisleep AS3, Nectar Sleep, and Bear mattresses are consistently rated as great values. They are comfortable, durable, and include exceptional warranties.

Traditional Innerspring Mattresses Have a Strong Following

While special mattresses like memory foam models have millions of fans, traditional innerspring mattresses are still the most popular around the globe. Advances in manufacturing technology now allow many companies to create products that combine memory foam’s comfort with the exceptional support offered by innerspring styles. Some best-selling options include the DreamCloud, an affordable hybrid that comes with a “no questions asked” 365-day return policy. The Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Hybrid and Saatva mattress are also customer favorites.

Customers Still Love Waterbeds

Waterbeds are not usually at the top of best-selling mattress lists simply because there are so few places to find them. Nevertheless, devoted fans still buy and keep them. Users love waterbeds because they are budget friendly, hypoallergenic, and durable. Although it is hard to find reviews for waterbeds, customers can find quality products made by American National, Comfort Craft, and Strobel Technologies.

Despite the fact that manufacturers offer dozens of different mattress types, certain models always remain customer favorites. Among these, memory foam often tops the list, along with innerspring hybrid products. Although there are fewer available, waterbeds are also favorites among buyers who love the fact that they are unique, hypoallergenic, affordable, and long-lasting.