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Important Values of Co-Creation

Since the concept of creation itself has been created, we have had a very concrete idea of the creator v.s. the content. Like a wordsmith creates a work of art using language, the reader is the customer who consumes these works. The role is similar for that of a consultant. It is possible that the consumer may come across a problem that they cannot solve and enlist the help of the consultant.

Perhaps, there is even a more efficient solution. Suffice it to say, the clear lines that once divided the consumer and creator groups are no longer viable. When the creator shares the responsibility of creation with the consumer, the consumer sees themselves in the final product.

When we can claim a stake in a project or a product, we want to deliver the best product possible. When clients work with creators on projects, they begin to believe that they own the project as well.

At the moment of collaboration, both the creator and the client share the same space as co-creators, each bringing personal experiences and talents essential to the development of the product. Through collaboration, we tend to think of ideas and answers that we would not have thought of on our own. It can even be said that through collaboration with thinkers different than ourselves create stronger solutions.

Today, in particular, we all strive to be a part of the decision process governing our lives. This can even be seen in education, where students have more of an active role in education, unlike previous generations.

There will even come a time during this process that we wonder how we can make the creator and the customer co-creators. It is critical to establish yourself as the expert, however, ensure that the client feels welcome to express themselves and comfortable to contribute to solving the problem. it is important to include the client, as doing so will garner their support and allow them to see the project as their own.

Please keep in mind, however, collaboration is not useful for every project. In fact, there will be times that you will have to move forward as the expert. For example, as a plumber it is difficult to create an environment where both the client and the expert can collaborate– especially if it is a field that many people are not concerned with. That being said, there are still many opportunities where the creator and the owner can work together to create the best possible outcome.

You can be apart of the collaboration process by giving people the tools and equipment they need to become successful.

Looking On The Bright Side of Services

Looking On The Bright Side of Services